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Back to School

What was I thinking?

I'm a communications professional, a mother, wife and friend...and a Badger. And in two short weeks, I'll add full-time University of Minnesota graduate student to my curriculum vitae.

Actually, I know exactly what I was thinking. I need a challenge - my mind is in danger of turning to mush. Completing the grad school applications, essays and obtaining the required references was energizing, interesting and fun. It showed me that I am motivated to learn, to teach and to be a role model for my children and my colleagues.

In fact, last week, my colleagues presented me with a shiny, new pink school box full of index cards, pens, highlighter markers and something called Pencil Pets erasers for the ends of the Kindergarten-style red #2 pencils in the box.

Life is two week,s we'll see if I still agree with that statement.

Peace -
20 August 2006