40 Things I have learned in India thus far... worth sharing

1. Time is different here: 11am means much later then 11am, it depends how important you are, what exactly is supposed to happen at 11am and who is involved.

2. Family is the most important thing. WHY? Because family is who is there in the end, they created you and your whole being was morphed by what they provided with you.

3. Love marriage is not always the best thing, you should think more practically, before marrying someone you should consider your priorities in life, and how they will have to change or stay the same after marriage. Marry because you won't be unhappy, not because your happy this moment

4. Live life casually, don't try to plan every second with something, you will never finish it all and when you don't, you will feel unsatisfied

5. Curd is amazing. Learn to make it fresh, it's the healthiest way and the best tasting.

6. America has really clean air... you don't know until you are away, but India's air is similar to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. No wonder Indians don't usually smoke.

7. A clean house is very important, weather you do it or weather you hire someone to help you, being surrounded by cleanliness makes life more enjoyable.

8. Go to parties. You get to know people and try new things.

9. Some people really are: out of site out of mind. In a good way. You learn to appreciate people more and begin to realize who in your life you must keep talking to when things are difficult.

10. You cannot help everyone, your life is busy enough as it is, and even if you help one person people will see you helping and want your help... therefore helping one person means helping many more and will begin to consume your life.

11. Being fit is really important. Why wouldn't you take advantage of the instrument god gave you, don't abuse it, cherish it. Indians either know this because they exercise and walk everywhere or they don't walk anywhere and don't take care of their body.

12. Eat fresh food ALWAYS! You will feel your energy go up immediately. You won't crave meat after 3 weeks so stop eating it for a while and see how wonderful your body feels. It feels good to be putting all living things such as plants and curd in your body rather than dead things.

13. If you do your own laundry you will become a cleaner person. You will realize that avoiding dirty things is easier, that you can wear the same jeans 10 times without washing and that you don't need as much soap as you thought.

14. If you are an American you are more than likely more organized then any Indian I have ever met.

15. If you have a plan with your life you are not Indian.

16. If you are not majoring in business, engineering or trying to be a doctor you are DEFINETLY NOT AN INDIAN!

17. The clothes you wear make a statement, so choose them wisely. If you are wearing blue often you are stating that you like blue, if you only wear short shorts in the summer you are asking people to stare at your legs, if you wear shitty clothes all the time you are telling people you don't care about appearance. APPEARANCE DOES MATTER! Why? Because that's how people literally see you, if you look a mess then you are a mess. This is important because people do judge, it is their nature and even if you truly believe, "if they want to think I am mess because I dress a mess then go ahead I don't want them in my life anyway.." you are wrong, these people are important people. The more connections, the more friends, the more business partners and the more people you get to know in life the better.

18. The people you know can make all the difference.

19. I am a homebody, but not in my hometown. In my home at the moment, I like being 'home' with my family and friends.

20. I like being alone, it doesn't depress me to eat dinner alone or spend the night alone in my room.

21. I would rather have one amazing relationship then 100 'okay' relationships.

22. I do gossip, and I like it. That's normal though, most people do, and they just don't like being the one gossiped about. In India, people are ALWAYS gossiping. (by gossip I do not mean hurtful, false things)

23. Reading is always good, but reading non-fiction is important... why? Because you learn while doing something enjoyable. NOT all non-fiction is un-enjoyable and it gives you things to talk about with people.

24. I want to own a social business that helps women, and works with handicrafts and recycling.

25. Human touch makes things more comfortable, if you are having a bad day get a hug... it will help and even though Indians don't touch others... they do hug their family at home. Men hold other men's hands, and this is normal. Putting your arm around someone makes them literally feel that they are there with you.

26. Sit down to eat with family often.

27. Americans eat so much flipping butter.

28. You should know more than one language. It tells you a lot about other cultures and makes you think more about your own culture. EXAMPLE: 'beta' means child in Hindi. Indians use it for more than their literal child. They use it for people they adore, their pets, their loved ones, innocent people, those who are distressed, those they are angry at who need to hear them, their co-workers, their friends... so much more... ANOTHER EXAMPLE: runny nose in English translates literally to "water in nose" in Hindi. haha

29. I need to recycle more, and plastic grocery bags should be banned. Learn to use canvas bags, if we just got rid of them then thing about how much waste we would reduce.

30. I really like to take pictures.

31. Magazines, newspapers, and bulletins are a waste of paper unless used two or three times... they can be made into several other things: a rag, a sack, coaster, placemat, plate, bowl and much more.

32. Paper towels and toilet paper are a bad idea... using water spray is much better, think about how much waste you cut down on. You can use a rag to wipe the counter, and water will clean you better then smearing it with paper. (I used to think it was weird, but it makes so much more sense, imagine wiping your hands after doing something dirty or rinsing them, what makes more sense.)

33. I like things quiet.

34. I have an appearance that makes people want to talk to me and makes me people think I am smart which makes me extremely lucky. People want to talk to me... and that's not the case with many foreigners. I don't know what it is.

35. Everyone around the world cares about American politics.... They are covered internationally. We cannot say that about any other country. In fact I bet if I asked ten American if the president of India was male or female they wouldn't get it right, and I KNOW if I asked them their name it would be a sure fail.

36. The education system of America is better than you think. Look at a list of the top 100 universities in the world and count how many are in America. Then look at people who are nominated for the Nobel Prize or other huge awards and notice almost all of them teach at American Universities.

37. Americans are really freaking creative... you can thank your education system, it encourages creativity.

38. The ability to be part of a political movement should not be taken advantage of, we are lucky.

39. Saving money is really smart, Indians do a lot of it, and they are able to do more in life because of this. Even when there is an economic crisis Indians spend their money, this is because they have a huge savings. They save close to 60% of what they make.

40. I deal with change really well.

There are so many others... but for now this is what I got off the top of my head.

* This post is for Taryn, for giving me the idea of making a list... LOVE IT

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