One day... to the next seems so _____?

It is amazing how one moment you can be in a slum (notice the last post) and the next moment you are in a fancy resort!

This past field trip where our MSID school took us to Shekawhati was just that... we spent our field trip stay at a place called the "Desert Resort" it was amazing to me that we were staying in this beautiful place.

Our room looked like a small haveli. and if you don't know what a haveli is: it is a home that at one time belonged to an upper caste or royal family it has been abandoned and now just looks GORGEOUS!

As you can see from the pictures it was stunning! So many beautiful colors and intricate painting.

We left Jaipur about 8:15am on Tuesday morning and drove to Shekwathi where we checked into our resort and then went to an NGO to learn about what they do: teach farmers about organic farming and provide the necessary materials to begin an organic farm. It was crazy to see the organic materials they use. They were showing what organic pesticides are made out of: cow urine, red chili, leaves, amongst other things that smell terrible together.

After the NGO visit we went to a farm where we saw the organic farming taking place. It was beautiful farm land and there were people all around working.

After the farm we stopped at a haveli. The haveli had been converted into a hotel and was extremely beautiful. All the doorways were in the shapes of lotus flowers and the paintings on the walls depicted ancient Indian fairytales.

All the paints on the walls are made from natural materials. Black paints are made from the soot of a candle, blue from indigo, green from vegetables etc.

After the haveli we went back to the resort where we watched the sunset on the hotels roof. It was so beautiful the sun set so fast we could literally see the sun moving, closing the gap between the desert plains and the darkening sky.

After the sun set we had a beautiful dinner under the trees which were lit by light bulbs hanging from the branches. The food was sooo savory tasty!!! After dinner we had traditional Indian entertainment, a puppetshow, musicians and singing before heading up to bed.

The next morning was just as wonderful. I got up early to sit by the pool and finish reading my book before taking a REAL SHOWER!!!! By real shower I mean: a shower head, above my head, stationed to the wall pouring water on top of me... and it was HOT!!! :)

The rest of the day was just as wonderful. We learned all about the theatre in India, how theatre has to be approved before it can be performed.

The man who did the lecture told us about a play at one time that had a man who was going to act out raping a pregnant women. It was so early in Indian theatre that people didn't know how to act and so they all ran up on the stage and began beating the actor up because they didn't understand. This made the government realize how powerful theatre is and they began to moniter what would be put on stage.

It was really interesting and I had never really known to much about Indian theatre.

After visiting more havelis and seeing another larger farm we headed back to Jaipur.

Today was a big day in India because a verdict of the courts was annouced, the verdict has been pending for 16 years. We were on curfew because people were worried that riots would break out if the ruling was not in someones favor... if you are interested in what the case was or what the verdict was:


I am headed to Bundi and Kota for the weekend! BEAUTIFUL PICTURES ARE PROMISED!

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