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The presentation of a design or piece of work is essentially how the client or viewer is shown the idea given for the project. Therefore, it is ofen the most important and meticulous portion of the project. It needs to not only make sense, but it also needs to be visually appealing to those whom attend the presentation. A bad presentation can often be the downfall of a good design, while at the same time a good presentation can be what puts a not so good design over the top. Either way a presentation must be well designed and well given in order for the presenter to be successful.

One aspect that I look in a presentation is how well organized the presenter is. Bad organization can show a lack of effort and time, while good organization can be an indication of the hard work that has put into the project. I enjoy styles of presentation that include somewhat of an outline and then an elaboration of the main points contained in the outline. Another aspect that is essential is a good use of visual aids in the presentation. This helps those present to understand what the presenter in saying in a visual process not just by hearing the design. This also allows for better concentration on the topic. It is easy to lose focus when there is nothing to keep an individual visually occupied. The final and most important aspect is showing an understanding of the topic presented. Good resources and background information are a good indication of the effort put into the work.

Overall, the process of creating a presentation must be well planned and may take an extended period of time. The presenter must ensure that they put in the required time, work, and tools that make their work a success. The use of the prementioned tools can increase the success of a presentation immensly. It may still be possible to be somewhat successful without these tools, but there use almost ensures success. That is why I try to incorporate each of them into the work that I do. This has proven to me to be the most successful manner in presenting my work.