Physical fitness and its affect on mood!

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Physical fitness and its affect on mood!

There are lots of research studies out their that show the affects of activity and mood. It is a common understanding that if you work out you are happier, but why is this?

This study shows the effects on the health of young kids who get exercise. The research suggests that mentally retarded children demonstrate psychological improvement following physical fitness. There are several reasoning's for this. First is the oxygen levels are increased allowing the brain to think clearer. The kids are less worried about their physical condition and more worried about having fun and being active outside. There is an obvious increased level of health in terms of physical fitness. These kids are out running around increasing their lung capacity, vitamin D from the sun and many other aspects of their nutritious life.

The other aspect of this study was taking regular middle age kids and testing things such as mood, self-concept, and work behavior on those kids that were physically active as opposed to those that were not. Kids that got out and were active in some sort of outdoor activity or sport were generally happier. This is most likely because they feel better about themselves, getting exercise makes you feel better about yourself inside and out. Exercise also increased their self-image, once again being physically active most often helps keep weight off and helps with the image issue. Along with feeling better about yourself these kids that played outside often had a better work ethic. This could be due to several reasons: first work ethic is built at a young age. Maybe these kids parents had them outside working doing yard work or jut playing outside when they were young. Usually when parents are involved the kids are going to learn and care for more things causing them to be active and harder working. Second kids that are getting more exercise are generally more active and involved in sports and especially in sports there is no corner cutting. You have to work hard and motivate yourself to be the best that you can be. You start to understand that nothing is given to you so you have to go the extra mile to be the best. This causes harder more intense workouts and a better self image, and work ethic.

Folkins, Carlyle H.; Sime, Wesley E. Physical fitness training and mental health. American Psychologist.
Vol. 36(4), Apr 1981, 373-389. Doi: 10.1037/0003-066X.36.4.373

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  • I think the fact that if you exercise you feel better about yourself is definitely true. When it comes to releasing stress during school, especially midterm times or finals, it is definitely beneficial to get some cardio exercise. Not only do I feel better about myself, but as you said, my mind feels like it works better and I am able to think clearer. This point should be emphasized greatly during school times, especially elementary through high school, where habits are formed.

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