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I agree that after listening to other's presentations, I feel more prepared to do my own. The part of my research proposal and presentation that I have been most worried about is the sampling and data analysis in my methods. It was nice to see that is only a small portion of the overall piece. I think I need to remember that the review of literature and procedures are really the most important...and connecting them to my research problem and research question. Everyone really did a good job last night. It was nice to see how each person has a deeper knowledge of their topic and was able to casually talk about it, especially while they were being asked questions.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the presentation. It is a big paper that you have been working on for a full semester so it comes easier to talk about than you think. When you get up there, you are the expert on the topic so just talk about what you have been working on, just as if it was with a friend and not in front of the entire class. Good luck!