Progress yet again

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Well if anyone has noticed, I've posted three times now today alone. And I've been through a roller coaster of emotions it seems. I am doing an action research study on the failing small businesses and as part of my proposal I'm supposed to include research context. I'm using my work experience at multiple franchise locations for my research context. When I had originally wrote all my context information I was still pretty confused about my paper as a whole and understanding research and exactly where I was going with my plan. So when I came back to it tonight to read through it and make sure it was connecting with the rest of the progress I made, I found that for the most party it needed to be completely redone. So that added to my frustration from my last post, but now that I have finished it I feel like it flows will with my paper so far and that there will only need to be a few minor changes made. Once thing that is crossing my mind is that I've got several areas left to tackle and my paper is already at 21 pages. I'm wondering if I'll have to cut portions out at the end or if going over 25 pages will be okay?


Hi Christina,
It sounds like you have made some good progress! In the last two posts it sounded like you were really second guessing your work. I think sometimes when that happens it is just best to take a break and come back to it after you feel refreshed. I know that is easier said than done, especially when you have a deadline, but sometimes when you go back to it the next day you have a different perspective. I wouldn't worry about the page number as long as you are covering what needs to be covered. Best of luck!

Hey Christina,
I agree with Kelsey. Sometimes it is easier to just put everything aside, step back and then come back and see what new thoughts spark when you are not frustrated with the paper. I too wouldn't worry about the page number, just make sure you are not including any unnecessary information, which too could help with your frustration. If something you have written isn't making sense and doesn't seem to flow with your overall purpose, maybe it is worth just cutting it overall and not risk the flow and focus of the paper. Hope all of this helps and good luck!