Turning in what I got

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I recently talked to my advisor and found out she was recently approved for another grant, which is amazing and exciting. The bad new for me is that my project will more than likely change direction. Everything is due this week and it would not be wise for me to change my whole project, because there is not anywhere near a good amount of time to produce a valid, sound project. So, besides that I am making my final adjustments to both my paper and my project. I am going to the writing center tomorrow so they can double check my APA and any significant flaws I may have missed. I was really impressed by everyone last week and feel more motivated to step up my own standards as well. I am sure there will be missing pieces in my presentation because it will cut short and going through 10 slides is kind of difficult but I am just going to focus on major points and leave the detail for the question portion, if I have time for questions, yikes! Since this will probably be my last blog, unless otherwise noted by Dr.Kihl and Dr. Pettit, I just want to say thank you for all your advise and input and good luck to all of you!