Canadian Schools in NCAA

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This would be very tuff to add the Canadian schools into the NCAA division 1 program because there would be so much that would need to be changed according to the rules and guidelines of the NCAA. It would almost have to be totally revamped in order for it to work. There becomes a lot of issues when this is brought up because it trying to fit two different countries into a collegiate organization that is totally based on the United States. You have to look at how many Canadian schools there are also because that becomes a factor when you are trying to put the schools in different conferences. How would you determine which school went into which conference if its a totally different country. There would be great trouble i believe in making this happen because some parts of Canada are very far away from places in the lower states of the U.S. This leads to people not being able to attend the game and possibly not being able to play on there own ice. With that there would have to be a neutral location that is in the middle of the two places. That being said I believe they should just make a organization like the NCAA in Canada and have exhibition games at the beginning of the season like some of the programs at the U of M do. I know the hockey team plays British Columbia every year and that is most defiantly reaching out and getting places like that involved. It takes a lot of strategy to make a merger like this and sometimes when you try to make something as big as this happen there comes many flaws and kinks that need to be worked out. With that I don't think he NCAA can have those kinks happen to them at this point when they are just getting there feet back on the ground. According to Slack & Parent, the structure of an organization can determine the strategy (125). I think if this could happen it would really be great for the two different countries to come together and play some different teams but right now I really don't believe this is humanly possible to make happen. Its just to big of a deal and would need to much reforming of the NCAA for it to happen.The three core values of strategy are power, capacity for change, and interest. Who has the power to make this happen? Would you get everyone in the NCAA to agree that its ok to have Canadian schools added to the organization or would that upset a lot of people? Also the capacity for a change, can this really happen or would there be many more bad then goods? I think these three things are very good things to ask yourself when your looking at doing something of the magnitude and also they need to be looked at very closely. What would make it easier to involve the Canadian Schools into the NCAA without officially bring them in? What do you think the athletes would think about something like this?