Nike as a learning organization

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Ryan Prochaska and Laura Schnell Nike doesn't depict a learning organization very well. We think Nike learned that they must be socially responsible in order to be successful or at least appear to be socially responsible to the public. We placed Nike in the compliance stage of learning because they are still resistant to making social responsibility a core duty. They do the bare minimum in order to get by. Nike used many different strategies to address their critics views of unethical corporate practices. 1) Nike hired firms to do audits on the factories in other countries to try and make sure they are up to standards, which proved to be ineffective. 2) Acquired the "Starter" brand. Made sure they made it clear to manufacturers they are going to keep up on their social responsibility measures in terms of production of the product, even though it is an inexpensive product. Somewhat effective. 3) Nike developed a corporate responsibility department and made themselves a leader in the movement. This was an effective move by Nike, shows they are making more of an effort to change and look into their shortcomings.