Nike organization

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We believe that Nike is somewhat of a learning organization. They are the very minimum of learning to the extent to which they can acquire the most money but still satisfy the public enough. They know what to do but don't technically want to do it because it will cost so much that it may hinder their capitalistic goals. Nike learned that they can't just do what they want because other people are watching the company to make sure they are meeting the needs and regulations that the government has set down. Nike is a smart company and has come to learn about the loopholes in which they can still perform but make people happy. We believe that Nike is in between strategic and civil learning stages because they have integrated the issue into their organization to improve their overseas companies. They are still capitalistic, but they are only admitting the policies to the extent to which it will satisfy the public. They know the processes that they must implement, but seeing if they will actually do it is the real question. We don't believe they have actually said what they are going to do 100%. Nike hired high profile people from outside the organization to oversee their processes in order to see what the problems with Nike were. That process was not successful because the individuals looking over Nike's operations were not trained and therefore not extremely helpful. Even though those individuals lacked professional experience, they were still able to find some of the flaws that Nike had in its factories. Christopher Dirkes, Yuri Nagai, John Bosman, Matt Macer