1st day of Presentations

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The blogs this morning I felt where very good. Everyone did a really good job with providing why they think that there organization was successful. One thing that I really liked was the presentation on Gopher Basketball. I am a big basketball fan but because the end of the football season interferes with the beginning of the Basketball season I really don't get into it until mid way through the season. The thing that I really enjoy about his presentation was the part about the way it is structures is. It is completely different from the way lets say a football team would structure there's. They kind of do it in a three tier system. The coaches deal with coaches, the players deal with players and the support staff deals with the support staff. With an organization like football there is one person that is on the top usually the AD or head coach, then it kind of trees down. One thing I really like about the three tier system is that there isn't that many layers between the top and the bottom. You could be an equipment manager and not feel awkward about talking to the head coach. In football there are so many layers between you and the head coach that you feel like he is way out of you league to talk to. Basketball feels more like a family atmosphere.