All the wrong moves

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A group of many people made up the central decision making of Nutrorim. The top management was made up of too many impatient people that were not on the same page. Different people had different problems with how decisions were made, and these problems were never formally discussed. The lack of a definitive leader taking charge was definitely a weakness of the organization. This was evident during the recall of their product Charge Up. They were feeling the pressure from the threat of the problem becoming public, which would make them susceptible to lawsuits. Our recommendation was for the CEO to take charge, make tough decisions, and keep the meetings from being too hectic. While he should still give others their opportunity for input, he should be the final decisions maker and any structure for dealing with conflict should run through him. We thought the rationale model would be the most effective way to guide the decision making processes required at Nutrorium. Given the many problems the organization faces with decision making, a basic model that gave roles to specific people would be best to make decisions easier to come up with. It would also speed up the process, and give everyone in the organization their own place and importance for input on decisions.