Nutrorim Case Study

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1. Keeping decisions open and democratic, asking the opinions of as many different people as possible to get the best approach 2. Many people have tried "Charge Up" and had gastrointestinal problems, these issues with the "Charge Up" drink then got out to a radio station that would have leaked the story to the public. If the story would have been leaked by the radio station Nutrorim's reputation would have been devastated, so without thinking it fully through "Charge Up" was recalled. 3. The main problem is the amount of unified stance within the company. Some want to put the product back out on the market, and some want to keep in under wraps and recalled. When asking opinions of everyone it is hard to make a decision, when all opinions are different. The company reacted too quickly, before the findings of the "Charge Up" study were even concluded. 3.a. They already used the science and math model when doing research on the product. We believe that the structuring of the unstructured process would work best because they are currently struggling in that area. The company needs to be more patient, meaning no fast decision making and no panicking. The company also needs to create a unified stance of opinions with the companies.