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Since starting back with college this fall and taking this course, my personal philosophy of organizational effectiveness has changed significantly. How you organize your company and sport organization can make all the difference in the world when it comes to productivity and opportunity for growth. Handling the challenging situations with care and concern can help create a positive environment in which employees see your passion for the organization. My philosophy on organizational effectiveness has evolved in the sense that a simple decision at times can not just be easy, and at times a difficult decision can sometimes be less complicated than it actually looks. Looking at this from a hypothetical stand point, a dream job of mine would be to work at the facilities manager of TCF Bank Stadium. Numerous situations have arose since football began on campus and I have had a chance to hear about a lot of those situations through my boss at Mariucci and Ridder Arena. He is very active within the stadium operations and explains some of the challenges to solving the issues at hand. I have listened and watched how they have effectively ensured for the safety of over 50,000 fans for each of the seven home games. Now as I watch them prepare for their first live outdoor concert with U2 coming on June 27th, 2010, I see what it takes to run an effective stadium. All the detail and preparation they will have to go through in regards to the security, dressing rooms, rehearsals and overall stadium operations, I get a chance to see what it takes to be a facilities manager. With the 2010 Woman's Frozen Four coming to Ridder Arena, I will have the chance to see how a National Championship event is run, since I will be performing a lot of the behind the scenes work as an intern. The best philosophy I have to date when it comes to working in facilities and an organization in general is to always work hard when everyone is watching and when no one is watching. Never deviate from the standard and always try to exceed your expectations. With a struggling economy and fans not so inclined to come out and pay top dollar for games anymore, you have to understand that when they do come to a game and take part in what you are providing them, you as the manager have to ensure they have a good time and give them everything possible to keep them coming back. In the end you have to continue to update your ideas and goals to meet the demands of the organization. You also have to look at what is working and what is not while maintaining a flexible balance within the organization to keep things fresh.



Bryan I would agree with you when you say to work hard while people are watching and also while no one is watching. I think that often time’s people work with a people pleasing mentality and it leads to them only wanting to work hard when those people are watching. If sport managers fall into this habit, I believe it may start to bleed into their general work habits, causing their performance to decline. Working for a facility such as TCF Bank stadium would be a great opportunity and would allow for a lot of experience working in a new facility. Many facilities around the nation are getting older and the sport managers of those facilities may not be equipped to work in a newer facility, if they were put in that situation. With that being said, if people desire to go into facility management it would be wise for them to get experience in some of the newer facilities. This will enable them to be better prepared for the direction that facilities are moving, which is to newer, high-end facilities.

Bryan I would also agree with you because my position on what makes an organization effective has changed a lot over this course. It is nice to understand exactly what it takes to be an effective organization and understand all the things that go on behind the scenes to make an event run smoothly along with all the things needed before the event as well. I was also really interested in doing facilities management when I graduated and I agree that the opening of a new stadium/venue would give great opportunities and experience to someone just starting. The new facilities need people that have experience from opening a new facility or just people that have been working in a facility for a long time because they know what needs to be done to run the facility effectively. Especially now that the new facilities are outstanding and have some many more aspects to take into account and look over, all the suites, club seats, promotions, marketing, etc.