Presentation Day 1 - try 2

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There were three presentations for today's classes which dealt with as organization which the individual worked for or was involved in, Gopher Basketball, Minnesota Timberwolves, and USA Gymnastics. I think were great choices for the people involved because it gave real insight to the organization which other might have missed. Since it was the first day I was also able to get some good ideas on how to tweak my personal presentation about my organization. I will not be able to incorporate the same personal connection with the organization but the formatting and flow of the presentation is something I can take into account. One specific thing that I liked in the formatting sense was Andre's bullet point structure presentation. He listed the topics and just talked about them. This gave his presentation a nice flow and gave him great credibility to the things he was saying since he wasn't just reading it off his paper. Overall the presentations for the first day were great.