Presentations-Day 1

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I really enjoyed all of the presentations on Thursday. I found Andre's presentation of Gopher Basketball to be especially interesting. He conducted his speech in a way that kept my attention the whole time, and he shared a lot of interesting facts about the organization. It was easy to tell he was well-informed of the organization and takes great pride in working for them. I enjoyed listening to his analysis of Tubby Smith's leadership style and qualities. With Tubby having such a strong reputation in the basketball world, it was cool to hear what an employee thinks of him, and sees in his leadership style everyday. I also found RJ and Yuri's presentations interesting because they were about National Organizations. They are both organizations that mostly everyone has heard of, but would never know/understand how they are run. They both broke their organizations down in ways that make it easier to grasp how national organizations are run and how they can be successful, which they both are. The organizations are similar in that both are really only in nation-wide public eye during Olympic years. It's interesting to think about how an organization keeps themselves successful when it's not in the public eye. The leadership needed to run a national organization needs to be top-notch, and as explained in each presentation, both organizations have this trait.