Supersonics Move

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I found the video about the Supersonics moving from Seattle to Oklahoma City very interesting. There were many things that the organization had to deal with during this major process. First of all they dealt with a change in ownership which is a huge deal. Any owner that is chosen to buy a team has to be approved by the rest of the league owners. This leads to a lot of politicking between owners who support or do not support the perspective buyers. If a potential buyer has made a lot of friends in the NBA over the years then he is more likely to get the team over someone who maybe is making a better offer but they maybe do not know any of the other owners. Also in this video, we got to see some politicking from other stakeholders. One thing we saw was the politicking from former players and from current players. One person that they talked to was Gary Payton, who was a star player for the team in the 90s and he talked at length about how much he did not want to see the team moved from Seattle and what a mistake that would be. Also, they talked to current player Nick Collison about the move and he was very against it. He didn't want the team to move. I would say the players should have a big impact on a decision like this because the organizations invest a lot of money into these players so they should make decisions that keep these players happy so they get the best product on the field. Another area of politicking we saw was the fans of Seattle. Clearly no one wants to see there team leave their city for another. When the talk started about moving the team, fans really did not believe it. Then after the team was sold to the ownership group from Oklahoma City, the fans started to become suspicious. They began to start rallies and they tried to get support for the team to stay in Seattle, but at that point it may have already been too late. I think a lot of fans take their teams for granted and only support them when they are good, but this clearly shows that if you do not support your team it can be taken away from you very quickly. Seattle took their team for granted and this lead to their owner selling the team to a man who had other intentions for the organization.