12/10 Presentations

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Today's presentations were some of the best I think. All of them were well put together and the organizations were analyzed very well. I liked the two presentations on the Minnesota Twins because I also did my presentation on the Minnesota Twins Organization and it was interesting to see some other aspects of the organization that were covered. It was good to see that they focused on the history and how one focused a little more on the team and the other focused a little more on the business side, with revenue and what not. The presentation on the Golf Course was also very well put together and was interesting to see exactly what went into a specific venue like that to see how they were effective and I am guessing from what she was saying she works at the Golf Course, but she never stated that. They were all very good presentations today. i also liked the one on the YMCA because it was very informational, all topics were covered well and it was easy to follow. Finally, another presentation that caught my attention was the Chicago Blackhawks presentation because I did not know much about that organization and it was interesting to find out that they did not have a mission statement for the team. It was also nice to see the organizational change and it was discussed very well. How it went from a terrible team that was not televised because of a greedy owner not wanting fans to see the game for free on TV and high ticket prices, to becoming a winning franchise, that now has TV contracts for every regular season game along with cheaper ticket prices with the new president.