12/10/09 Presentations

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Today's was a very interesting day for the presentations. Starting out with back to back twins organizational analysis was a coincidence. I thought it was interesting to hear about the organization by two different people giving their own viewpoint. Andrew told us that he did not think that the Twins were an effective organization but that they were an efficient organization, while Dustin said the Twins were effective based on success in recent years and the level of fan support that the organization has. I also thought it was surprising that two people today could not find a mission statement for their organization. I was surprised when Ben talked about the structure of the Chicago Blackhawkes. He said that the structure of the organization was flat and I would think a professional sports team would have a tall structure with all the coaches, managers, front office staff, etc. Overall, I thought the presenters did a very nice job.


I found it very interesting that we had back to back Twins presentation, but at the same time I found it very interesting a plus for the class because you really got to see different analysis of the same organization while it was still fresh in everyone heads. For me it was tuff to say who was right or made a better statement then the other guy because I believe they both did a great job in backing up why they thought the team was effective or efficient. I really took a lot away from especially these two presentations because we got to see two different aspects of the same organization. I think when it come to the structure of an organization it just really depends on how the organization puts out there leadership and how the culture inside of the front office is ran. I guess for me it was not that weird to see that they may be flat. This could also be the case why they are not so effective off the ice.

The chances of back to back Minnesota Twins presentations were not very good. Yet it happened by chance. Like Doug stated earlier, it gave us a chance to hear two different analyses on the same organization. I could see the reasoning behind the decision on effectiveness in each presentation. On one hand I can see how Dustin thought that the Twins are effective because of the performances on the field. Although the Twins have not performed great in the postseason they have a strong leader in their manager Ron Gardenhire. On the other hand, I could see how Andrew thought they are efficient not necessarily effective in the front office part of the organization. The Minnesota Twins are similar to the Green Bay Packers in the sense that the employees operate a certain way within the organization. All of the employees operate the “Twins Way” or in my analysis the “Packers Way.”