Blog #5 Organzational Effectiveness (New Philosophy)

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Throughout this course I have learned in the readings about many different ways that organizations can be effective. I believe that my initial thought on what makes an organization effective was correct and I do not think it changed at all. I think that being very goal-oriented, having great communication and great leadership is the key yo having an effective organization because they all work together. Being goal-oriented is great because you have something to work towards, but you need to make sure that they are reasonably attainable. This leads into the communication aspect because the employees need to be aware of everything that is going on throughout the organization so that they can successfully be heading in the same direction at the same time. Communication also leads to making sure all the roles in the organization are being accomplished and to make sure that no two people or more are working on the same project that only needs one person. Then all of this also leads to having a great leadership to make sure that all of the goals are attainable and to make sure the communication is spread throughout all of the organization. Great leadership will make everyone work towards the goals of the organization and hopefully fulfill those goals. Also the leader needs to make all the quick, but effective decisions for the organization so that they can be effective and efficient. The leader also needs to make sure that all of the decisions good or bad get filtered down throughout the organization, so that they can form new goals and streams of communication if needed.


I totally agree with you that those three things; goal-oriented, communication, and leadership, are very important in becoming an effective organization; I feel there is more to be aware of as an organization as well. The organization must be aware of environmental factors that are related to their specific organization and to their industry of operation to compete and remain effective. This could extend from having a very strong leader if the leader was well versed in dealing with change in relation to outside factors like increasing competition. I also feel the culture inside an organization influences how effective an organization can be. An organization with all the employees believing in the same values and mission and strongly hold to them has a greater potential than an organization with individuals who do not really care for the mission of the organization.

I also agree with you because I think that being goal-oriented, having open communication between people, and displaying great leadership are some very important core values to have in an organization in order for it to be effective. A leader can be a role model and the standard for the rest of the people who work with him or her. Without that guidance people are more susceptible about getting lost and falling off track of the organization's goals. Open communication is extremely important because if people don't work together and collaborate then ideas are only coming from one individual and one point of view. These things working in conjunction with one another make for an effective organization.

I really think that my views of how an organization is effective have changed dramatically after this class. You need to have all of the things that we chatted and discussed about in class to have a effective organization such as leadership, culture, power and politics and so on. Communication is huge when it comes to an effective organization because If you cannot communicate through the different levels of the organization you will never be effective.

I agree with the three concepts you believe produce an effective organization. Coming into this class I felt that leadership was the most important aspect of organizational effectiveness, but I now feel that it is a combination of being goal-oriented and having good communication that not only create an effective leader, but also an effective organization overall.