Day 3 Prsentations

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I though the information on the Brainerd Lunkers was very informative towards how a very small market team is run and operated. I took special interest in the subject because I am from up north and know the area quite well. There are many opportunities up there with so many vacation travelers liking to watch baseball in a small town atmosphere. The Pittsburg Steelers analysis was very informative with all the information regarding their history and how the organization has beaten the odds by having so many traveling fans. This presents nothing but opportunity and growth even during the down seasons when the team is not doing very well. I am surprised by the Under Armorer product that the CEO took a pay cut because the revenue coming in was not to his liking. I was very shocked to see someone that cares that much about the organization do such a drastic measure. I guess when you have built something from the ground up, you are more likely to care and have more passion towards accomplishing your goals.