Day 4

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All of today's presentations were really good and informational. The one that I most enjoyed was the one about Lifetime Fitness. I think that he did a really good outlining the presentation and explaining what the different parts of the organization were. I also agree with the recommendations that he gave about opening up gyms in the west and east coast, I think that doing that would opening up the demographics that they could market to. I also thought that we talked about how Lifetime was opening up gyms overseas, but I could be mistaken. I also enjoyed the presentation about the Minnesota Wild, a lot of the information I did not know beforehand and I think that it is important information to know since it is one of the biggest sports in Minnesota and a new and upcoming team. The presentation about the Olympics I felt was a little rushed, but it is completely understandable since there are a lot of aspects to that organization that could probably not fit into a ten minute presentation. I thought that an overall strength that many of the presenters had today was not fully reading off of the slides that they had, I think that they have learned from previous presenters that summarizing is the best way to present because you grab both Lisa's and the class's attention more.