December 10

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Today's presentations were interesting and gave cultural analysis from some different perspectives. The presentation on the golf course at Gull Lake was interesting and different from any other presentation we have had. Being able to gauge the effectiveness of a golf course organization is unique because it is based on the money being generated as opposed to the success on the field like other organizations. Today we had two presentations on the Twins. Both gave similar points and they talked a lot about the Twins moving into Target Field and the impact it will bring. Both presentations mentioned the potential signing of Joe Mauer. The official's organization was also unique because it is organized different than the others that we have seen. I thought it was interesting that the managers of each sport have less control than the top. Overall, the presentations were beneficial in understanding how different sport organizations are structured and run.


I agree that it was interesting to hear about the golf course analysis in contrast to hearing about a professional sports team. When determining the effectiveness of a professional sports team most people would look at the success of the team, and then how many fans follow the team. Overall most of the organizations effectiveness was determined on the status of the team’s wins and losses. When applying organizational effectiveness theories to a golf course the only real way to determine effectiveness is the money being generated by the golf course, especially one in Minnesota that only can be open for a set amount of time during the year. One could also determine the effectiveness of the organization by the overall satisfaction of the members, and golfers at the club. The satisfaction of people using the course can affect the rating the course receives, and if a course receives a high rating people are more likely to want to golf on that particular course rather than another in the area.

I also agree with this in that it was very interesting to me to listen to something that I really have passion for and know a lot about and that is golf. It was also interesting because I have played this golf course and it is a very nice course. I think sometimes we over think what a sport organization is and we just go straight towards a sports team of any level. It does not always have to be that way as we were shown by this presentation. It is very interesting because we see a totally different side of how the organization is effective and its not just only how good the team is because in this case there is no team. I just liked hearing about this presentation because it goes to show you that Nike and under armor and golf courses can be a sport organization as well and also be analyzed as much as lets say the Minnesota Vikings.

I thought that it was very interesting when two individuals both analyzed the Twins organization and came up with different results. My belief is that one person was a little afraid to say that the Twins organization was not affective for a couple of reasons. Maybe they were scared to call the "home team" ineffective because they lived so close to the Twins and have been a fan for a long time. Also, they may have thought that he would not get as good of a grade because he was about the only person that stated that their organization was not an effective one. I thought it was very nice that Andrew stated that the Twins organization was efficient rather than effective. That is the perfect description that I can think of because of the facts that were presented in his powerpoint. Andrews presentation was most impressive to me.