December 8th Presentations

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I thought todays presentations went very well even though we were crunched for time at the end of class. All the presenters did a very good job in presenting there information very clearly and descriptive in the certain topics. The one presentation that really stood out to me today was the one on the pittsburgh pirates. I found it very interesting to hear him talk about the history of how good they were back when and now people do not even know who they are. The funny thing was when listening to that is I am not a very big MLB fan and I have really never even heard of the pittsburgh pirates. That was something that really hit home when he was talking about them and how people do not even exist and one of those people was me. He gave a lot of reasons and recommendations on why they are not really performing that well and what they can do to improve there organizations. I believed the recommendations he gave are very achievable and would really approve there appearance.