Final Day of Presentations

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I felt like the last day of presentations were very well done and I enjoyed them a lot. Specifically I enjoyed the presentation about the Classic at Madden's. Minnesota is a great state for golf, and it was interesting to hear about one of the most prestigous courses in the state. In addition, I found Bryan's presentation on the Texas Rangers interesting to me. I'm very firmilair with the Arlington area and Texas sports, but I learned a lot about the history, structure, and power of the Rangers organization that I did not previously know. I also found both presentations on the Twins very interesting. It was interesting to see that both presenters had different recommendations for the Twins in order to improve their effectiveness. Lastly, I thought that the presentation about the referee association was very interesting. I did not realize that the Twin Cities had so many associations specifically dedicated to providing and improving referees for high school athletics.


I agree with Dan that the presentation about the Classic at Madden's Resort was an interesting idea for an organizational analysis. While most people decided to analyze a sports team or athletic association, golf courses are often a forgotten component. As we saw from Alyssa's presentation a golf course is definitely a sport organization. Even though the Classic is a fairly small-scale organization it has every component of a large sport organization. Even when we look at a course such as Augusta National in Georgia where the Master's is played every year, components such as power and politics have a huge say in what goes on. For example, the owner Hootie Johnson has a lot of say within the organization, which has resulted in it being a club that does not permit women. Golf courses are just like any other organization, as one of the main goals is to make money. As Alyssa said during the presentation, the Classic lost quite a bit of money as a result of a severe storm, which hurt it's overall revenue for the fiscal year. Golf courses are a large part of the sport landscape and I am glad someone did a presentation about the organization effectiveness of a course.

I think that the presentation on the Classic's of Madden was the most interesting idea for an organizational analysis in the whole class. Most people chose a professional team or a popular organization in sports/recreation that most people knew of. Personally I knew nothing about this golf course beforehand and it was nice to hear a personal perspective of an employee. I also liked how she stated that they are trying to steer away from the technology aspect and keep it "Classic." I agree that this is a sport organization and Alyssa proved that, and like Parker states that when looking at other golf courses that have large tournaments its all about power and politics. It was surprising to hear exactly how a specific golf course is effected by certain things and since there are many golf courses in the United States and world it was very interesting to see how one was measured effective or not.

I think that Dan has made some very good points about the presentations. I agree with him about many things and there are some things that I also have learned. I am not from Minnesota so I learned that golf is a big recreational activity here. I had no idea about some of the prices that it costs to golf around here but the Classics presentation was very informative for me as well. The other presentation that jumped out to me was the refereeing organization. A very large percentage of students chose to report on an organization that they are involved in. I believe this allows for the individual to has much more insight into the organization. When Ashley talked about the refereeing organization I also had no idea that there were so many organizations that are focused towards refereeing. It was very interesting.