Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is an idea in the field of organizational studies and management, which describes the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values of an organization. I think that defining organizational culture is key to understanding how the organization works and what will make it work better. Having organizational culture known and upfront leads to knowing exactly what type of leadership is needed along with what type of decision making process should be used. By knowing the culture of an organization, you know how things are run and know what will work and will not work. It is very important to understand the culture to make sure the communication throughout the organization is good as well. Culture is key to understanding the whole organizational effectiveness and the culture leads to everyone trying to achieve the same goals. This also leads to a great leader and shows if the goals are being obtained as well.


Dono0115 has a good understanding of what culture means for those involved inside the organization. However, for most organizations, the culture inside (for employees) differs greatly from what spectators/fans see as the culture. He defines culture as describing the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values of an organization. Since the spectators attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values can greatly effect the organization's effectiveness, how does the culture inside an organization differ from that on the outside. How do the employees of said organization create a culture that not only achieves effectiveness, but also coincides more with the spectators believed culture of the organization?

I totally agree with you in that culture is a huge concept to overall effectiveness of an organization and really kind of leads you in the right direction of where you need to have your leadership and what kind of people will work best in that type of culture. This is something that you stated that culture really steers the organization and kind of lays out those imaginary lines of keeping the organization in order and something to strive for. I think the culture inside the organization is the way that they do there work and go about things and the outside environment is the way the fans see the team and the way the team is marketed.

I agree about the importance of a culture in a organization to be effective. By having a strong culture in the organization every employee can strive and work towards the mission. Having all the employees understand the mission in the organization it could create a efficient environment to be successful. He defined culture as the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values of an organization. From sharing these cultures in the organization it could tell how the organization is operated and how it works to make it better.

I agree that defining the culture is important in understanding how an organization operates, but sometimes it is difficult to actually define the culture. Sometimes organizations have multiple cultures, as in one structured spatially. Having branches in multiple geographic regions can create differences in culture in each of those branches. Culture can also change in a vertically organized organization, but I believe you will see a lot less of this than you will with a spatially structured organization.