Organizational Strategy

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Organizational strategy is huge when talking about the effectiveness of an organization. Every sport organization implements strategies in the front office all the way down to the players and coaching staff. The text book talked a lot about the different levels of strategy. There are four different types of corporate strategies which include: growth, stability, defensive and combination strategies. Business strategies include cost leadership, differentiation strategy, focus strategy. All the strategies that the text book talked about are vital in within an organization. I think a key component is selecting the appropriate strategy. Selecting the strategy is the final stage in the strategy formulation phase. The choice of strategy will depend on the sport organization's mission statement as stated in the text. I think that any decisions made by an organization are within a strategy and work towards common goals. When leadership is put into place, so is strategy. I think each leader has their own vision in mind and a strategy they want to implement. For example, when David Kahn took over the Timberwolves, he had a plan for the draft and was also looking down the road at saving up money for free agents. Kahn's strategy at the present time may not be apparent, but down the road he has pieces in place to succeed long term. I think working for a sport organization would allow you to experience the different levels of strategy. For example, if I'm working at an entry level position, I will be told how to do my job within the strategy that has been put in place by the people at the top of the hierarchy. When transition occurs with leadership, strategy can completely change or change in the slightest. If the new leader wants to operate similar, then the transition will run smoother than if the new leadership style has completely different values and goals.