Presentations 12/1

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Today's presentations were overall pretty good. Some of the presentations ran long and the PowerPoint presentations were heavily loaded with text. Beyond that small complaint, I think they all presented good information about their respective organizations. The Steelers presentation brought up a very interesting point that they are choosing not to utilize social media. I have spent most of the semester in my public relations class discussing the role of social media in society. It is a very useful public relations tool for organizations to utilize, for free! I think Nathan was right in suggesting that as an opportunity for the Steelers to enhance their public image and widen their fan base even more. I think Alyssa and Emily also offered great recommendations for their organizations. The Lunkers have the opportunity to increase ticket sales by targeting tourists and Under Armour has the opportunity to increase their market share by increasing the amount of advertising for their women's clothing. These recommendations are both realistic and appropriate suggestions to improve the organizations.