Presentations 12/10

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Today was our last day of presentations and I think today's presenters ended on a good note. In one of the earlier presentation days, a classmate presented on the Minnesota Twins and said he believed they were a very effective organization and he did not really have any recommendations for them. It was very interesting to hear a completely different perspective by Andrew today in the first presentation about the Twins. Andrew raised good points about the Twins' comparatively low revenue, low team value (solely in terms of money), and their lack of a World Series appearance since 1991. When considering these factors the Twins don't appear to be as effective of an organization as originally presented. I think the move to Target Field will help the Twins greatly with the first two points Andrew mentioned. Although I focused on Andrew's presentation, the rest of today's presentations were good too. I found it especially interesting that the leadership in the Chicago Blackhawks organization was able to raise season ticket sales from about 3,000 to 14,000 in a year! One thing I also learned today was that the YMCA was an international organization; I am not sure why, but I had just never thought of that as a possibility.

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Since, I presenting this day and did not have to post, I felt I could add my input through a comment. I agree with Rebecca on her observation about the Twins presentations. I really enjoyed hearing some of the financial recommendations given about the Twins. I think that is one area where the Twins must consider changing if they want to keep some of their star players and their fan base. I also really enjoyed the YMCA presentation and I had no idea that they operated internationally. I think I gained a lot more respect for the YMCA after hearing the presentation.