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December 8th presentations:


Brian Grant's presentation of the Pittsburgh Pirates came across very well.  I liked that fact that Brian explained how he was approaching his organizational analysis assignment.  Specifically he used a goal attainment approach to measure how his organization was effective.  Brian mentioned this specific approach several times throughout his presentation to reinforce the fact that this was his approach to this assignment.

            I also enjoyed the organizational analysis of the Intramural Department at the U.  Due to Rebecca's unique perspective of insider for the organization it was interesting to hear her own personal stories about some of the aspects of waste within the organization.  It was also interesting to hear about her recommendations for the organization because of her unique perspective.

            The Under Armor presentation was interesting because it was very similar to a presentation that took place previously.  While much of this analysis was similar to Emily's analysis, I found interesting that two different projects came up with very similar analyses to each other.  This leads me to believe that both of the presentations were well researched and based on class concepts.