Presentations Dec 10th

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I thought the presentations as a whole were very interesting today. It was neat to see two presentations on the Twins back-to-back. It was evident that both had valid research, but both presentations were different from each other. It didn't feel like we heard the same presentation twice. I also enjoyed Sam's presentation on the YMCA. I didn't know that the YMCA was an international organization. The Y is an organization I am familiar with through working out there in high school but I did not know any information about it's history or mission. Since my hometown does not have a LifeTime or other big fitness club, everyone works out at the Y which does not make it seem like it is aimed at lower-class families. Sam was very clear in the way she presented her information. Overall, the presenters today did a good job of not reading straight off the slides which helps make the presentations more interesting. The presenters today provided a solid conclusion to the Organizational Analysis presentations.

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Again it was very interesting to see a presentation on something other than a sports team event though that it what we think of right about when we talk about sport organizations. With hearing about other organizations away from professional sport teams it really gives you maybe some in sight to volunteer at these places or even become more familiar with what there all about and the goals and missions they have to helping youth. I really enjoyed the YMCA analysis also and for me its an organization that I knew nothing about before listening to the presentation and after having listened to it I became more familiar in what they do and how many different YMCA's we have here in Minnesota but also around the United States and all over the world. I also like how you stated that a lot of people see the YMCA as a place for low class families to go to get help or just a place away from home and after listening to the presentation my views of the YMCA have really changed and I understand now what they are for.