Presentations: December 1

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The presentations today were very interesting to hear about and were helpful in learning more about different sport organizations. I enjoyed hearing more about the Under Armour organization and how their owner was willing to decrease his salary significantly to do what was best for the organization. This reflects good leadership and a selflessness on his part. One of the recommendations that was made for the Under Armour organization was to advertise more heavily towards women. When I initially heard this I thought it would be a great idea because I do not recall seeing many commercials or advertisements where women were highly portrayed. After more thought, it made me wonder whether or not Under Armour wanted to target women as heavily as men. When I watch Under Armour commercials I feel as though they are definitely targeting men. Under Armour may think it would be more effective for them as an organization to focus their efforts on the male population. Obviously they sell men's and women's apparel, so they have entered into the female market, but could do so more heavily, unless that is not their intention.