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The book states that for an organization to be effective, it must assess what it considers to be effective. For an organization to be effective it should develop a mission statement that can be followed by all its members as a strict procedure that allows for complete success. Every organization should have benchmarks. This is critical because they need to have a way to self access themselves, just as students have tests. This will allow for the organization to see how and when they can improve to better manage their people. A classic example of setting goals and creating benchmarks within an organization is the U. S. Army. Throughout my two deployments to Iraq I watched the leadership set-up clear objectives in the first month that we were in country. From there the leadership is able to evaluate and critique what is working and why it is working. On the same note they can determine what is not working, unnecessary, and just does not fit the objects of the organization. Organizations need to have a clear responsible image. This will help create sponsorships that can effectively help you attain the mission statement that you set forth. Having a clean image along with a positive attitude will help create a positive atmosphere. Have the right attitude amongst your employees will create a great work environment. If you are a positive boss, you can influence your workers or soldiers to work with a positive attitude. Organization and management of personnel can be an effective way to make a positive impact on your organizations direct output. This will intern create the atmosphere you need to have a success full business.
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