Why Community Service Learning?

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Community Service Learning as a class activity provides students with an opportunity to apply course academic content with real world experiences. Since this course is a social science course that looks at sports and physical activity as parts of culture and also serves as a diversity and social justice course in the liberal education curriculum, students are partnered with diverse community groups and activities related to health, physical activity and sport. This type of community engagement allows students to be exposed to groups of people who are often marginalized and/or underserved in society (e.g., people with disabilities, immigrant populations, the elderly). There are many opportunities for learning associated with this activity including a broader vision of socio-cultural conditions, acquiring a sense of civic engagement and social responsibility, and fostering global citizenship. Academic knowledge is critical to learning facts and theory, however, practical application of that knowledge has the potential to call us into actions that foster greater respect, equity, and inclusion. Each of us is more comfortable with who and what we know. The real challenge is to be able to venture outside of what is safe and comfortable, to explore new environments around people we don't know. We have much to offer others and they have much to offer us. What will we learn from these experiences? This blog has been created to share experiences and to make connections to course content. Please join the conversation.

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