Assignment 1


Theme: Healthy Cookies

Celeryogurt Cookies

-Celery (3 stalks)
-Yogurt (3 tablespoons)
-Marmalade Jam (2 tablespoons)
-2 eggs
-Golden Raisins
-Lemon Juice (2 teaspoons)
-Butter (1 cup)
-Cream cheese (6 onces)
-Cocoa powder (3 teaspoons)
-Cinnamon powder

Step 1: Put celey, eggs and marmalade jam into a blender


Mix until well blended


Step 2: Mix yogurt (3 tablespoons) and soften butter (1 cup).


Step 3: Mix "Step 2" with "Step 1"


Step 4: Cut raisins into small pieces or into a quarter size of the original size. Make sure not to make its size too small. Then place the raisins into "Step 3" and stir well.


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Step 5: Pour flour and stir well until the dough gets sticky, and more flour til you can make a form out of it, like a round shape. But before making a form of cookies, let it cool in a refrigerator and wait for 30 minutes.


Step 6: In a new bowl, mix soften cream cheese, cocoa powder, lemon juice. Stir well until well mixed, and you may add cinnamon if you like.

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Step 7: Take out the dough from the refrigerator and start making a hand shaping or use a spoon if it is too sticky to make a form. Shape into 1-1/2 inch balls relatively flutter in volume. Then insert the mixed cream cheese into the middle of the dough and wrap it around the cream cheese. Place them on a baking pan. Note: It is better to use flour when making a form of cookies and spread flour on the baking pan as well.
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Step 8: Bake for about 30 minutes at 350F, or until cookies are fully cocked inside. Cool down at the room temperature before ready to eat.
Note: I actually baked the cookies for more than 45 minutes because the size of cookies was bigger. It is probably better to make the size of cookies smaller than 2 inches with less volume.


A good combination of celery, marmalade and lemon juice brought out the best taste of cookies with slight flavor of celery. Yogurt made cookies' texture little fluffy and soft than crispy.


You have a really clear recipe here that is easy to follow. I can clearly see what you did to create these cookies and would be able to reproduce them. You also have a really good use of images throughout.

However, I would like to have seen some process work for the development of your recipe. How did you brainstorm for the flavor of your cookies? How did you come up with the technique for creating them? Did you have any iterations?

If you included this information in the style of writing that you already used, your entire creative process would be clear to the reader.

I really like the concept you used for your healthy cookies. I would have never thought to try celery and I'm pleasantly surprised to hear it worked well. You did a really good job of documenting your process and making the recipe easy to reproduce.

Like Ms. Judd, I noticed that there wasn't much about your creative process or any iterations. I think this would have been useful to see.

I can't wait to try them in class. :)

Hello, I liked the very detailed process to make the cookies. The pictures are very clear and make following the directions even easier. However, there is no documentation of the creative process. It would also be nice to see how many other iterations of this project you came up with before deciding on this one.

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