Assignment 2


This week's assignment was very fun. I stated to draw a map of "winter," and just wrote down words that I could think of. When I stock with words, I stopped branching out more of trees because I thought that I had enough words for sub themes. Creating new products was a very fun time. I played many sub themes in one product even some sub themes did not have relationships each other at all. But I found a strategy to create a new idea better than before as I kept drawing things that I did not even know what I was creating. I started to draw each image of sub-themes and try to think how these images can fit together in a different form. By doing this, I came up with ideas that I did not expect I could create in such a short time. For me, using more items helped me a lot to create new ideas than just thinking what to create from one or two sub themes.


Carfee Maker
Scan 9.jpeg
I combined a toy car with a coffee maker.

Fishing Boad
Scan 10.jpeg
A fishing reel turned out to be a controller for a sledding board. There is a break system you can handle when you need it!!

Polar Jacket!!
Scan 7.jpeg
I thought it might be a good idea if you have a coat made of a real polor bear's fur and wear it when you travel to the north pole. Get full experience!!

Travel Package to Araska in January
Scan 8.jpeg
I thought this may work as a different form of product. I just played around with winter related places and views and made the travel package that takes you to these places.

Appreen Box
Scan 5.jpeg
I thought it might be good to mke a cute container that keeps tea bags from reducing its flavour.

Maple Gloves
Scan 6.jpeg
A glove with a Maple leave's shape that warms your hand.

Santa's Gift: Solar Energy
Scan 4.jpeg
I chose a house light as a main theme of the subfields. I thought I could use it with "high cost" in some way, and I came up with solor panels that save your money and environment during the winter. But it may not be useful during winter because it does not consume energy from the Sun as much as in summer. But I created as one of the Santa's gifts.

Japnanese evergreen Fan
Scan 3.jpeg
While I was drawing an ice cube house and trees of evergreen, I thought the shapes both looked like a Japanese fan. So I just created the fan with the image of evergreen trees on it.

Evergreen Chopsticks and Dish sets
Scan 1.jpeg
I came up with an idean, and the shape of the evergreen trees also looked like chopsticks while I was thinking of the product of the Japanese fan.

Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder
Scan 2.jpeg
It is probably rediculous but I thought kids would love it!!


Hi Miki,
I would have liked to see what you did to get yourself in a playful mood (part 1 of the assignment) as I've seen many different and interesting activities in some of the other blogs.
The contrast of your photos is good, and I can read your mind map, but I think it would be beneficial to write all the words in the same orientation. That way you don't have to turn the paper around (or your head) to read it. Oh and if you think Columbia is an expensive store, try shopping winter clothing in Iceland, you'll be shocked ;)
I really like how you chose some sub-themes and generated a product for each idea. I understand how it may have been easier to do them with more sub-themes on the list, if you use this method in the future just remember you don't have to use all of them (e.g. the Homer car).

P.S. I also believe kids would love the Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder :)


!st, apologies for the late comment. The task was on my Wed. night agenda, but I have been sick. Embarrassing truth... I crashed hard on the couch and didn't wake up until Thursday. However...

Your blog entry was a delightful wake-up experience! :-)

Your opening paragraph does a great job of explaining your process. I'm think I'd like to try your free form drawing technique. You mention that you took that approach after trying others. I think that shows attention and purpose in working to develop your creative side.

Your mind map was very dense! Great for content; slightly difficult to read. I enjoyed the challenge. You did not use many visuals, but they were interspersed in the entries. One critique point relative to the assignment: you did not indicate associations on the map.

Your product ideas are very, for the most part, very inventive. Having talked to you, I think they reflect quite a bit about your personality. I found your inclusion of the sub-themes from your mind map to be a thoughtful inclusion. Did you create the product after selecting the group, or did you add the relevant sub-themes after completing the drawing? I can imagine either technique having advantages, so I am curious which approach you used.

Your ideas also flow across a broad range of sub-themes and application areas You did not specifically identify which three sub-themes you wanted to continue working with. I sensed three as follows: 1) "keeping warm" - maple gloves, polar jacket; 2) "kitchen fun" - evergreen chopsticks and dish, carfee maker, and appreen box; and 3) "whimsy" - all sans trip, to be important.

I would love to see the maple glove and the snowman toilet cover in production!


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