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Sub-theme: Holiday Shopping

I gathered a group of 6 people at church on Sunday. I was thankfully able to borrow some enough time from my friends for my brainstorming assignment. It was nice that we did it after lunch so we had a good start.

I had three Japanese graduate students, one Japanese PH.D student and my two American friends.


We first played games. We played "Zip Zap Zop" first and after doing this game for about 5 minutes, we played a different game called "Jankenpon" which I made up. Actually, this new game is based on a Japanese famous game but I changed little bit in my own way. It turned out to be really fun that we kept playing this game for 15 minutes. So I said "that's enough" otherwise they would get tired before the brainstorming part begins. I think we spent enough time for refreshing our brains.


I explained to the participants about two problems that I found the last week through the interviews. I then converted each problem to "How might we" statements.

Problem 1 - Customers need an effective way to get customer services at anytime because workers are too busy during the holiday shopping season and customers never can get hold of them.

How might we enjoy shopping without being frustrated?

Problem 2 - Online shoppers need a good way to find suitable clothes without fail because they can't try them on before the purchase.

How might we find fitted clothes online without trying then on?

Brainstorming session begins...

We proceeded to a main part of this project starting from asking "How might we" statement. And I told participants to write their ideas down each on pieces of paper and I gave about 20 minutes for each problem.
I really appreciate the fact that they really engaged in the brainstorming session in order to come up with as many ideas as possible.

We continued to the second problem starting from How might we statement . But before then, we had a little conversation and had a pumpkin cake so we regained our energy for the second round.
We were able to produce many of ideas. I spread out their ideas on the table and told the participants to look at each other's ideas and told them to sort into categories.


I took their ideas to home and pick ones that are most interesting and seemed effective for each solution, and I came up with 10 best ideas.

Scan 7.jpeg


Scan 1.jpeg


Scan 3.jpeg

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Scan 8.jpeg

Scan 9.jpeg


I wish you had explained the rules of the game that you made up! If it was so fun, I would like the rules so I can play too! That being said your process of being a good host for the brainstorming session is thorough and well planned.
I'm not sure how well your problem statements relate to winter specifically, especially the second one which just seems to be about online shopping.
Most of the ideas are workable solutions, I would love to see the trained dogs walking you about the store. They lack a noticeable rating system though. Did your group evaluate together? Or categorize the ideas? Also, what was your IPM?
One last point, the ideas are not well titled. As an outside viewer I often cannot understand the relevance of say 'movie showing best buy'.

Nice job on getting a rather diverse group of participants for your brainstorm. I'm sure the difference in age and background provided you with a diverse group of results. You mentioned multiple times that they did well in the brainstorm. It would have been nice to see the IPM.

Another thing, I really would have liked a title and brief description for the ideas. I had a hard time understanding some them and the significance of what they could do to solve the problems. A lot of them seem a little reaching, but I think they provide you with a good opportunity to refine them into usable, innovative items. Particularly the individual maps and the made to order clothes. I have had the idea for the maps before, but I thought about built onto grocery carts to locate food. And clothes seems like it should be reasonable with the availability of customization today.

Great job on this assignment! I love that you documented the entire process throughout your blog. The format is very organized and easy to read. It's very interesting to see your results from a large group of brainstormers. However I do agree about needing to have a little bit more of an explanation to the ideas to really explain what the quick sketch is.
The ideas are really great and can be used with even more brainstorming to potentially mix and match things together to make an even better product design. Overall, great job on this blog!

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