Assignment 5


Assignment 5: Structure Idea Generation

Part 1- Apply the 7 SCAMPER (substitute, combine, adapt, magnify/minify, put to other use, eliminate, reverse/rearrange)

To apply the 7 SCAMPER for one of my problem statements in the last week assignment, I chose the first problem that I thought many customers would experience often that they are not provided sufficient customer service during holiday shopping.

Problem 1 - Customers need an effective way to get customer services at anytime because workers are too busy during the holiday shopping season and customers never can get hold of them.

- How might we enjoy shopping without being frustrated?

In order to apply 7 SCAMPER, I have to come up with an idea that can be used for the holiday shopping related problem, so I decided to apply it to a shopping cart that would be used to reduce customers' frustration in some way.

Substitute: Can I substitute one part for another?
- I changed one side of a shopping cart to a whiteboard so that children can draw on it and don't get bored by adults shopping . It is also to avoid children from getting out of parents' sight. Children always stay by the shopping cart!!

Scan 4.jpeg

Combine: Can I combine a shopping cart with a table?
- I thought it might be a good idea to combine a shopping cart with a table so that customers can take a rest whenever they want to, because sometimes it is hard to find a table during lunch time and people don't really want to walk around to find a place to sit when they are already tired from shopping. So the idea is that a shopping cart can transform to a table including seats that are already equipped on the side of the shopping cart. They are very easy to set up and do not require more than 10 seconds to build.

Scan 6.jpeg

Adapt: Could I copy a skateboard for the faster movement?
- I just stole the idea of skateboard's function. It would be nice to have a shopping cart that customers can ride on it and make it move faster, especially shopping in a big shopping mall!! It's not just a shopping cart but children can also go in and adults can use it to travel around the shopping mall. For example, it would be nice to have this kind of shopping carts in the Mall of America when you want to buy something from a store that is so opposite from where you are. And if you are a parent, you might have to think of their children first how you should persuade children in order to make them get there for your purchase after shopping for long hours.

Scan 5.jpeg

Magnify: Can I make it smaller or bigger/ Can I change the capacity of the shopping cart if I want it to while shopping?
- It happens to me a lot when I am shopping, I often misestimate my purchases that often go beyond what I estimate in the first place. And I realize I need a cart rather than a small shopping basket. It's so annoying when it happens because I have to go back to the entrance to change it. It can be the other way around, when I don't really need a cart, shopping baskets are sometimes all occupied. I think that it happens to everyone sometimes. So I thought it would be nice to have a shopping container that can easily change its size to smaller or bigger, and you don't have to decide which size you should get. Make your shopping more enjoyable and facilitative.

Scan 3.jpeg

Put to other use: Is there new way to use it in its current shape?
- I thought it can be used for a dog cage. Some customers want to bring dogs with them. However I think it is really rare to see a shopping mall that takes care of pets while owners are shopping, or pets are usually not allowed to go inside. So thought it would be nice if shopping carts can be tagged as pet friendly!!

Scan 2.jpeg

- I simply eliminated the handle part of a shopping cart and changed the material from metal to plastic so that its weight will be reduced and more manageable to handle it. It is also durable.

Scan 1.jpeg

- You can take heavy things out from the side of a shopping cart, so you no longer have to lift them up when you check out.


Morphological Analysis:
Scan 9.jpeg

Idea 1: Everything equipped shopping cart
- I combined a shopping cart with an advanced category. You can make a list of what you want to buy, and it can provide you nutrition facts of foods on the screen. There is a bar-code reader equipped, so you can have self-checkout ready without getting frustrated by the long line of holiday shopping.

Scan 7.jpeg

Idea 2: Kids friendly shopping cart
- It is nice to have something that kids would enjoy while parents are chatting with their friends or just taking too much time for trying on many clothes. Movies and games would help that.

Scan 8.jpeg

Top 10 best ideas:

3D customer services
Because employees are all busy during holiday shopping, it would be nice if there are helpers that always stay in the same place and assist customers as effective and efficient as possible.

Scan 7.jpeg

Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder
Scan 2.jpeg

Maple Gloves
A glove with a Maple leave's shape that warms your hand.

Scan 6.jpeg

Polar Jacket!!
A coat made of a real polar bear's fur and wear it when you travel to the north pole. You can get full experience!!

Scan 7.jpeg

Fishing Boad
A fishing reel turned out to be a controller for a sledding board. There is a break system you can handle when you need it!!

Scan 10.jpeg

Carfee Maker
I combined a toy car with a coffee maker

Scan 9.jpeg

Kids Friendly Shopping Cart
Scan k.jpeg

Pet Friendly Holiday Shopping
A shopping cart transformed to a dog cage. Pet friendly holiday shopping!!

Scan 2.jpeg

Everything equipped shopping cart
You can make a list of what you want to buy, and it displays you nutrition facts of foods for you. There is a bar-code reader equipped, so you can have self-checkout ready without getting frustrated by the long line of holiday shopping.

Scan 7.jpeg

A huge Black Friday clock on a shopping mall
It is already set a time of each special. holiday deal, so you will know when your focused deal will be on. Also if you forget the time, the clock rings when each deal is available, so you will not even miss it.

Scan 2-1.jpeg


First off, sorry for commenting on this so late!

I liked all of your drawings. They were clean, scanned well, and some of them were colorful which was nice!

I was a little confused by some of your ideas - they may have needed a little further explanation. I'm not sure I understand the concept behind the fishing boad (did you mean board?). How does the reel effect the the control?

I would suggest clearly highlighting the different sections of your blog, to make it easier for the reader to know when you are talking about a different part of the assignment. After your morphological analysis you had 2 ideas. Were those a result of your table top exercise?

Overall, very neat and clean! Good job!

First of all, I apologize for the late comment - I did not have internet access over the holiday.

You have some very interesting ideas - I think my favorite overall was the shopping cart with the whiteboard for kids. I have experience with shopping with kids, and it always takes 10x longer with the munchkins around. If you go with this idea, be sure to find a way to avoid theft with the markers - permanently attached to the cart maybe?

Your drawings are all very clear and easy to read, yet I would agree that they need a little more explanation.

The Carfee Maker is an interesting idea. I would say that it is novel, but I'm not sure how useful it would actually be? Would it be the size of a coffee maker or the size of a toy car (single serving)?

The self checkout on the shopping cart is something that may exist already. I know I've heard of it somewhere, but I'm not exactly sure where? It's definitely something that would be useful!

The Black Friday clock is another cool idea. I'm not sure how it would actually work though, since people get so crazy on that day; but it would be great for people who don't really follow the deals as they're advertised!

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