Assignment 6

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NMF (novel, marketable, feasible)


Step 1
For the survey part, I first started from redrawing the ideas that I chose for my top ten ideas last week in order to present them at least to 15 people. I mostly used online survey as well as in parson. For online survey, I used facebook, which really saved my time and energy during the thanksgiving week. I appreciate the social network. 10 individuals' responses from Facebook were used and the rest of 5 responses are taken place at the thanksgiving dinner with my American host family.
I asked whether they would buy if these ideas were products, and if said yes, I asked how much they would be willing to pay. However, there are exceptions to some products; product 1, 7,8,9, and 10. Because they are not meant to be sold by customers, I changed to the rental system and asked how much people are willing to pay for the use. Thus I could not get prices of products 1, 9 and 10.

Product 1: 3D customer assistance
Voted Yes: 0/15
Price: ̶

Product 2: Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder
Voted Yes: 5/15
Price: $12.50

Product 3: Maple Heated Gloves
Voted Yes: 11/15
Price: $42

Product 4: Polar Jacket

Voted Yes: 2/15
Price: $28

Product 5:Operable Sledding Board
Voted Yes: 3/15
Price: $7

Product 6: Carfee Machine
Voted Yes: 8/15
Price: $58

Product 7: Kids' Friendly Shopping Cart on Holiday Shopping
Voted Yes: 10/15
Rental price: $1.75

Product 8: Pet Friendly Holiday Shopping
Voted Yes: 3/15
Rental price: $2 per hour

Product 9: Everything Equipped Shopping Cart
Voted Yes: 10
Price: ̶

Product 10: A huge Black Friday Clock on a Shopping Mall
Voted Yes: 5
Price: ̶


the number of people.png


Based on the survey, I selected 5 ideas that appear to be attractive to people. They are products 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

Step 2: For the second part, I used 2by2s matrix after benchmarking. I basically searched online to see if there were any products similar to mine, and if there were, I checked prices how much they were sold. However some of the 5 ideas were not found in similar forms or did not even exist at all, so I had a hard time thinking of what categories my ideas would fit in. Because my ideas are really combined. So I just combined all categories of products sold online that go with my products.

Product 2: Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder
My idea of Snowman toilet cover with paper holder is not just images on the toilet cover but to have more 3 dimensional idea with hands of a snowman that can be used to hold toilet paper. But I could not find it online so I just collected some of products that go with the category. I measured by design of the products and whether they are washable.

Product 3: Maple Heated Gloves
There were many and prices were vary depending on how they are used and efficiency and durability of gloves.

Product 5:Operable Sledding Board
My idea of operable sledding board is that anyone can enjoy sledding with a handle that they can easily control the direction of it on the snow. I looked at capacity how many people can ride on a board at the same time and whether they are more controllable rather than just sledding.

Product 6: Carfee Machine
There was not any coffee machine that has a shape that resembles to the shape of a car. So I just looked at coffee machines in general and focused on their designs and efficiency.

Product 7: Kids' Friendly Shopping Cart on Holiday Shopping
Shopping cart.png
This idea, which I decided to be used as the rental system in stores, was hard and had a lot to think of what I should look for during the benchmaking process. Because I wanted to have a shopping cart that amuses kids and never bores them while parents are shopping, I collected shopping carts for kids and their safeness and kids' games in general.

Looking for Patents:

Patent: Toilet Seat Cover with Heat

Patent: Heated Gloves

Patent: Bi-directional snow sled with steering/braking levers

Patent: Detection and display device for automatic service expresso coffee machine

Patent: Nestable shopping cart with safe child seat

Step 3: Feasible
Concerns for...
Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder: Space and Cleanness
Maple Heated Gloves: Cost
Operable Sledding Board: Structure, Portability and durability
Carfee Machine: Efficiency
Kids' Friendly Shopping Cart: the rental system, how does it work? Space and structure.

Cost Assessments:
I estimated rough retail prices of the products based on the material costs.

Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder
: Cotton
Material Cost: $1.12
Estimated Retail Price: $11.2~$20.16

Maple Heated Gloves: Fabric, battery
Material Cost: $6.25
Estimated Retail Price: $62.5~75

Operable Sledding Board: Plastic
Material Cost: $4.5
Estimated Retail Price: $45~54

Carfee Machine: Plastic, steel, device component..
Material Cost: $7.77
Estimated Retail Price: $77.7~93.24

Kids' Friendly Shopping Cart
: Steel, plastic, rubber
Material Cost: $11.87
Estimated Retail Price: $118.7~142.44

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Hi Miki,

The rental shopping cart is intriguing. I suggest you go with that one for next week. I think it would be useful for fussy kids. Sometimes I see children playing with their parent's smartphone, or playing a Nintendo handheld at the store. There are some shopping carts that look like cars, or animals, but they are rare.

At the estimated retail price, it seems like something that would earn back the cost pretty quickly, even if the rental was only $1.00—-0.50.

For this idea, you might make a poster for the presentation on Tuesday. I would focus on the aspects of roleplaying and play that the child might experience in the cart.

The second suggestion is the Snowman Toilet Cover and Paper Holder. I think people would like it just from the theme and craft characteristic of the winter season.

I think the logistics of holding paper might be a challenge. Perhaps there is an arm that holds to paper out. There might also be a separate cover that goes over the existing toilet paper holder.

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