Assignment 7



Comparing ideas:
For the pitch assignment, I first compared ideas from the last week and evaluated by using Pugh chart. Top 5 ideas : 1. Snowman Toilet Cover 2. Maple Heated Gloves 3. Operable Sledding Board 4. Carfee Machine 5. Kids' Friendly Shopping Cart

Evaluation Criteria: Novelty, Feasibility, Marketability, Cost, and Uniqueness


Snowman Toilet Cover with Paper Holder: This idea was actually good compared to other ideas, and it is more feasible and inexpensive, and people seem to like it.

Maple Heated Gloves: This idea was not novel at all. I found so many products on market, and the retail price went up really high after the estimation if I wanted to use battery. So this idea is too standard.

Operable Sledding Board: This idea is also too standard to call creativity after evaluating and comparing with other sledding boards. I also wanted to make it bigger because I want riders to enjoy at the same time but because of the size, it may not lack portability.

Carfee Machine: I thought this idea for was attractive to people, but actually it turns out to be less marketable. The cost is kind of standard compared to other coffee machines, but it may lack feasibility.

Kid's Friendly Shopping Cart: This product has a little bit different concept in a way that it is used as a rental cart. I think it is marketable if the rental price is around $0.50-1.00 as suggested from one of comments on my blog. It should be profitable even the rental price itself seem low, which is good for customers.

For these results, I chose Kid's Friendly Shopping Cart for my best idea.

New Product Name: "Kizzy Cart"
Finally, I have to come up with a new product name. It was kind of hard because there were many features associated with the product idea. I wanted it to associate with kids and playful aspects in some sense.


A whiteboard is attached on one side or both side of a shopping cart so that children can draw on it and don't get bored by adults shopping. It is also to avoid children from getting out of parents' sight. Children always stay by the shopping cart!!


It's interesting that on your pugh chart both the snowman toilet cover and the kizzy cart tied. What made you choose one over the other?
It's also interesting that you proposed a cart to be rented, would this be available in stores like target?

I don't see a pitch proposal video, so I'm not entirely clear on how the product works. But it's great to see a product that can keep children busy instead of walking off. It's tough to keep them occupied during shopping trips!

I think some of your ideas sound interesting, however for the Pugh chart I think we were supposed to choose one of the ideas as the "benchmark" and then compare the other 4 ideas to that one.

I like the idea of a "rental" cart for shoppers to keep their children nearby them at all times. I think in a big mall type setting like the Mall of America, where people would be shopping for long periods of time, this idea could be very marketable. Charge maybe $1 to use the cart for up to 4 hours, and have things for the kids to do in the cart while the parents are shopping. This might be a way for parents to keep track of their kids as well, because instead of being distracted by things throughout the stores, the kids will focus on the cart and the activities there.

It would have been interesting to hear your pitch for this idea! I would like to know how you would market this idea and other details in a short pitch.

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