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In Class Paint Animaion Video

Following our Sand and Paint Animation Presentation, we had the class participate in a Paint Animation Demo. We animated the Seasons, starting with Summer.

Here is the Video:::

All You Need to Know About SAND & PAINT ANIMATION!

Sand Animation Example

--Uses your HANDS to draw in sand on a lit glass surface, called a light table.
--Artists use positive and negative space to make objects.
--Artist perform in front of an audience and the performances usually have a story line.
--Brought to the stage by Hungarian artist Ferenc Cako.

Sand Animation Example

Artists to Check Out:::

Ferenc Cako - Famous for "Four Seasons" animation.
                    "Four Seasons" on YouTube
Ilana Yahav -  Her video "Let's Get Together" is widely known.
                    "Let's Get Together" on YouTube

Paint Animation Examples:::

Cako's "Old Castle"
"Old Castle" on YouTube

Alexander Petrov - Paint on Glass film "The Old Man and the Sea"
"The Old Man and The Sea" on YouTube

Other Links:::
(Awesome!!!! - Check them out!)






In Class Prep Video for Digital Workshop

This is a quick video we made in class in preparation for our Digital Workshop. It is made in Photoshop by taking a picture of ourselves and then using the paint brush tool (and other tools) to draw over the photo to transform the picture.

My Great Movie.mov

Project 1 [[Digital Collage]]

col┬Ělage n.
     a. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with      unifying lines and color.
     b. A work, such as a literary piece, composed of both borrowed and original material.
2. The art of creating such compositions.
3. An assemblage of diverse elements: a collage of conflicting memories.

For the first project I created a digital collage out of multiple images. I created a landscape background and then a 'creature' with an owl's body and a dog's head. In Photoshop I altered colors and the size of objects. After creating the image, I made an animation in Photoshop where the Creature is moving through the landscape.

Here are Some Images From my Collage:::
Still 1.jpg

Still 2.jpg


Recently Noticed in European Media!

I recently studied abroad in Italy and noticed a lack of mass media throughout Europe. There are no billboards when you drive along the highways. Ads are simple and straight to the point, as well as tv commercials. They are more honest with you. This is also true with the news... The only marketing you see is usually in the store windows, along with train stations, etc.

Mass media is EVERYWHERE in the United States. Publications we have in the U.S. can also be found in Europe, along with their own publications. Advertisements in Europe are also more provocative. They are a little more revealing and open, simply due to culture. If they want you to notice something... they will achieve that.

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