[[Artist Lecture: Todd Shanafelt]]

UMD has visiting artists lectures throughout the school year and today, November 30th, 2009, ceramic artist Todd Shanafelt visited!

Todd is a magnificent ceramics artist that's currently an associate professor at Minnesota State University in Mankato. During Todd's visit at UMD I got the opportunity to attend his workshop where he demonstrated some of his techniques and uses of mixed media.  After the workshop Todd gave a lecture explaining his background and art works using a carousel projector. The workshop was AWESOME experience to see different techniques that Todd uses, like using under and over glazes to screen print and put decals on wet clay. Todd also threw some small pieces to make a finished piece. He talked about the use of found objects, particularly metal, that he uses in his pieces.

To me, Todd's works seem to represent an implied functional object, sometimes with an aspect of anatomy. The use of steel in an organic matter like clay makes Todd's work very appealing to me. Overall, Todd's modern take on his work with clay is something to really check out!

Here is a link to his website::

Todd Shanafelt

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