Project 1:: Digital Collage

[[The Unknown]]

For the first project we were assigned to create a digital collage with images from our classmates. The project required me create a landscape and a creature to move throughout the landscape. 

The project was a great into to revamp my Photoshop skills. I got reacquainted with the tools... like select, resize, transform, crop, paste, saturation, etc. 

I love Photoshop, so I really enjoyed this first project. It introduced me to a new method of using all the tools I already knew how to use in photo editing. Creating a surreal image always adds more creativity to a project, therefore this project allowed my mind to wander. I was unaware of the possibilities of this stop motion like Photoshop animation! The  'puppet' window way of creating a layered document to animate was interesting and complex and made me think a bit, which was actually nice. Overall, this assignment was GREAT to get back into the Photoshop swing of things. 

Project 2:: Moving Images

[[Sand and Paint Animation]]

This assignment was a group presentation that required us to present a type of animation technique to the class using powerpoint and a demonstration. My group did sand and paint animation. The assignment was great because while concentrating on one specific area, we also got to look at several areas and we were getting taught by our peers. I believe this one a unique way to boost participation, and I enjoyed each group's presentation. 

Project 3:: Digital Stories

[[The Ugly Pumpkin]]

Our third project was a digital storytelling assignment but instead of only ourselves working on the project, we held the Digital Art workshop and had middle school students come in and make movies under our leadership. This made the assignment really intense. I worked with two peer mentors and we mentored two students. Our story was called The Ugly Pumpkin and was inspired by The Ugly Duckling and Andy Warhol's pop art style. 

Althought this experience was quite stressful, it was well worth it because we got to work with students. The students were excited about their animations and working on the cool Macs therefore it made it better and easier to teach. Even more so, the final project outcome was more rewarding. I enjoyed working with the students, and all of the hard work paid off!

Project 4:: Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

[[Lights and Sound]]

This assignment was our final one and the objective was to explore elements of Media Arts (sound, light, motion, color) and create an animation.

For my animation, I took photos of traffic at night with a slow shutter speed then put them into iMovie and created a mix to the song 'Fireflies' by Owl City. 
(More to Come...)

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