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In Class Paint Animaion Video

Following our Sand and Paint Animation Presentation, we had the class participate in a Paint Animation Demo. We animated the Seasons, starting with Summer.

Here is the Video:::

All You Need to Know About SAND & PAINT ANIMATION!

Sand Animation Example

--Uses your HANDS to draw in sand on a lit glass surface, called a light table.
--Artists use positive and negative space to make objects.
--Artist perform in front of an audience and the performances usually have a story line.
--Brought to the stage by Hungarian artist Ferenc Cako.

Sand Animation Example

Artists to Check Out:::

Ferenc Cako - Famous for "Four Seasons" animation.
                    "Four Seasons" on YouTube
Ilana Yahav -  Her video "Let's Get Together" is widely known.
                    "Let's Get Together" on YouTube

Paint Animation Examples:::

Cako's "Old Castle"
"Old Castle" on YouTube

Alexander Petrov - Paint on Glass film "The Old Man and the Sea"
"The Old Man and The Sea" on YouTube

Other Links:::
(Awesome!!!! - Check them out!)

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