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November 18, 2004

Secret Place

I have a secret place I like to go to down at Lake Calhoun by my house. Why is it interesting? On the bank of the shore there is a little placeabout 5 feet wide where all the leaves collect and it makes a comfortabe chair.Behind me on the upper banks is some tall grass that i can peek through and watch people walking and jogging by. I like to watch the sunset there or the little waves rolling in and pretend that I am 3 inches tall and that I am surfing them. there are racoon tracks, geese tracks and pellets, and other stories of animals waiting to be teased out of the sand. Sometimes I close my eyes meditate through all my senses listening in all directions for the faintest sound, smelling the water in the air, tasting my teeth and tongue, feeling the wind across my face and hands, nd finally opening my eyes to look at all the shadows.
When I leave clean in my mind and senses again.

Posted by kirk0125 at November 18, 2004 12:35 PM | Stories and Storytellers