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New Video Demo for NCBI's Entrez Gene

Entrez Gene is an annotated, curated gene information database from NCBI. The records for each gene conveniently co-locate links to gene maps, dna and protein sequences, protein 3D structures when available, relevant expression data, polymorphisms, biological pathways, relevant research literature, etc. The video demo (1min 33sec) can be found here.

NIH Mandatory Public Access Policy Takes Effect April 7

Beginning April 7, the final peer-reviewed manuscipts of any NIH-funded research accepted for publication must also be deposited in PubMed Central, in compliance with the mandatory NIH Public Access Policy. More details about this policy and the procedures for depositing articles can be found at the University's "Transforming Scholarly Communication" website. The University Libraries can also assist with this process; e-mail your questions to (Bioinformatics Journal Search Tool) provides a convenient Google-based search tool for 31 bioinformatics journals. The Journals can be searched either indivdually or collectively, and impact factor data is provided for most of the 31 titles. Article titles in the journal current issues can be quickly viewed with one click, and RSS feeds are provided for automatic article updates. The site has a three-part knowledgebase (biology, bioinformatics, informatics) with glossary-style definitions and links to relevant datatabases (such as Entrez Gene, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge Structural Database, etc.; note that not all the databases are free). There is also a bioinformatics conference list and a forum for user questions and suggestions.