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Hurricane Katrina.jpg

After the effects of hurricane Katrina I thought it would be best to help in any way possible. However, I was unable to go to New Orleans. The hurricane in New Orleans left many homeless and many with no place to go. Over the summer I was able to help one family with the smallest task.
A family from New Orleans was given a place to stay by the city I work for. I was given the responsibility of mowing their grass. Although it may have seemed small and not very helpful it gave them the extra time to do what they needed to do without worrying about the small task of mowing their lawn.
What I am trying to say as that even the smallest task or assistance that you can provide somebody when their in need is much greater than not doing anything at all. Their are hundreds of ways to help those whom are less fortunate. The victims of hurricane Katrina still need help, and every little thing adds up and can make a difference in somebody's life.