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Genius Loci


The location I chose was one that I have been able to see many times. While driving to my mothers house in my car, I have to drive around Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka is a nice lake but sometimes the drive becomes old and boring. However, during the night when there is no or next to little forecast and the moon is full is one of the sites that I will never forget. Whether it is winter or summer the view is still amazing. Since genius loci is the spirit or independence of a location I would only be able to describe as being relaxing, peaceful, and thrilling at the same time. Imagine a black sky with only the moon lighting it up. As soon as you are driving next to the lake you see the light flickering off the water or snow, and in the background you see the silhouette of an island covered in trees. Since the weather and the moon don't always cooperate, I don't take the view for granted and look forward to seeing it everytime I drive around the lake at night. It also helps to have good music playing.