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Girl, 12, recovering from being shot

According to the Star Tribune, a girl, 12, was shot in the head on Saturday in Minneapolis while walking home from a party and is now in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center. This event raises concerns from officials about the link between youth and violence.

"The ages of the people being shot and the ages of the shooters has gone down over the past four, five years," said City Council Member Don Samuels.

The criminal activity of youths have declined according to Police Chief Tim Dolan, but there still have been recent incidents involving violent acts. Officials have not ruled it gang related.

According to the Pioneer Press, the name of the girl was not released Saturday but the Hennepin County Medical Center said the girl, who is in critical condition, is named Vernice Hall.

Apparently, the girl, who lives with her parents, was at a party for her brother. While leaving shortly after midnight, witnesses said they heard eight or nine shots fired. One witness said he saw a bunch of 17-, 18-year-old boys crouching down behind bushes about a block away from the party.

Police said the girl's wounds are "very grave," but they would not comment on a possible motive for the gunfire and said no arrests had been made Saturday night.